Surveying Services

Ensure accuracy from initial analysis to final verification and align each development phase with your goals.

Surveying Mastery

Building with Clarity

Experience spatial accuracy with LETEL’s surveying services. From planning with high-resolution land surveys, ensuring precision during construction, to final completion verification with as-built surveying, we fuel your projects' success, enhancing ROI.

Precise Land Surveys

Lay the foundation for your development with high-resolution land surveying. Our technicians meticulously catalog every contour and feature, providing the precise topographic and boundary data essential for informed planning and successful project execution.

Accurate Construction Surveys

Streamline your build with our expert construction surveying services, designed to deliver pinpoint accuracy. From initial site preparation to detailed staking, we ensure your project aligns perfectly with engineered plans and specifications.

Trustworthy As-Built Surveys

Capture the final details of your construction with our thorough as-built surveying. Our team provides spatial documentation, contrasting the constructed environment with original designs to ensure your project's realities align with its envisioned parameters.

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