About Us

We are more than just engineering.

LETELmetrics is more than just engineering. It’s professional business solutions brought to you by people who have had their shovels in the ground…who know the industry. LETELmetrics’ team provides a wide range of professional services, including construction, precision agriculture, and more. Our use of drones and the latest technology places us at the forefront of the industry.
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Our Team

John Downing

Having started in the construction field, Mr. Downing has the unique perspective of having experience both as a contractor in the field, and now as a consultant in the office. Over 3 years ago Mr. Downing had the foresight to invest his time and energy in a new technology that would revolutionize the way that contractors obtain data: drones. Now one of the leaders in his field, Mr. Downing organizes and directs the drone services department of LETELmetrics. In the 20+ years that he has in the construction/development industry, Mr. Downing prides himself on the fact that he has done it all, from digging ditches in the field, to performing bid estimates/take-offs in the office, to building GPS models for multiple contractors in the Atlanta area. What sets Mr. Downing apart from others in his field is his ability to connect with anyone from a Senior Vice President in a corporate office to someone running a dozer in the field.

Duane Hagerman

A licensed professional engineer in multiple states with over 17 years of experience in civil engineering (14+ in the Atlanta market), Mr. Hagerman has had the luxury of working on a wide range of projects, from waste water treatment plants to multi-phase master planned communities. Having obtained his professional engineering license in 2008, Mr. Hagerman has over 10 years of experience at the project manager level, ultimately becoming the preferred engineer for one of Atlanta’s top 3 builders (also a top 10 national builder). What really makes Mr. Hagerman unique is the fact that he really values relationships, preferring to fill his client list with loyal repeat customers that he considers more than just clients, but also friends.

Jeff Hagerman

Celebrated Atlanta photographer and longtime lover of Coca-Cola, Jeff Hagerman has brought a unique set of skills on board for LETELmetrics. He is most known for his amazing photographs of urban and abandoned spaces. Jeff has published two bestselling books and has been profiled in magazines like Creative Loafing. He is flying drones at various job sites alongside Dakota, then reading and using the data to improve every aspect of the job.

Dakota Austin

Dakota got his start working out in the field like his father, John Downing. Spending a year and two summers on various job sites has given Dakota a taste of the construction world. Now, for LETELmetrics he is focused on building 50 to 60 percent of the models before he passes along his work to John for review and finishing touches. Dakota likes working hands-on with a company that is growing and building.

Jeff Kidd

As a current Kennesaw State Engineering student who still averages 50+ hour work weeks, Jeff exemplifies the type of work ethic that makes LETELmetrics a leader in the civil engineering industry. Currently a project engineer, Jeff has 5+ years working on all aspects of civil engineering. Jeff actually started in the field working on a surveying crew, before switching to engineering a year later. Since then, Jeff has worked his way to being a project engineer currently working on construction plans for land disturbance permits. Along the way Jeff has mastered the arts of builder services (tertiary permits and grading plans), as well as full blown lot fit plans (both 2D and 3D), showing his wide range of design skills. Jeff will graduate this summer from Kennesaw State with his EIT certification and a degree in Civil Engineering, setting him up for a bright future at LETELmetrics.

Nick King

Nick King is LETEL’s newest Assistant Drone Pilot and Visual Observer. Nick and Dakota are longtime friends and he previously worked at Magnum Contracting before his time here. Nick went to Southern Crescent and studied computer programming and has always been interested in electronics and drones, how they fly, and what they’re capable of. Because of these interests, Nick lobbied hard to get a shot to join the LETEL team. Now Nick is at LETEL as an Observer, which involves processing the pics and data taken by the drones. Next up he’ll be going out of town to fly for LETEL, providing companies with professional business solutions in the energy and engineering sector including solar and wind. Nick is also a fast learner. He got his drone pilot’s license within one month! Nick’s happy to be at LETEL and hopes to make a long career out of it.