Civil Engineering

Lay the foundation for impactful land development and successful projects with help from LETEL.

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Engineering Project Excellence

Unlock efficiency and precision in your projects with LETEL’s expert Civil Engineering services. Our focused approach ensures streamlined processes, compliance ease, and maximized site potential, driving your project toward excellence.

Preliminary Engineering and Due Diligence

Committed to setting the foundations of success right from the early stages, LETEL provides preliminary design services for your site. These services assist in budgeting and estimation to facilitate informed decision-making, especially critical when considering property purchases.

Land Disturbance Permits (LDP)

Navigating the complexity of regulatory compliance, LETEL designs comprehensive construction plans suitable for permitting through local municipalities. Expect meticulously detailed utility plans and construction details, keeping your project aligned with the important requirements.

Detailed Grading Plan and Lot Fit Matrix

LETEL undertakes an in-depth review of specific homes for a builder to ensure the grading plan guarantees proper drainage and mitigates potential issues. This prevents unexpected complications, allowing for accurate earthwork quantities. Equally valuable, the Lot Fit Matrix brings a complete sheet set illustrating which houses fit on which lots, profoundly aiding the planning phase.

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