LETEL empowers the energy sector with advanced solutions for sustainable and efficient development.

Renewable Solutions

Energizing the Future

LETEL drives the energy industry forward, applying innovative surveying and engineering technologies to traditional and renewable energy projects. Our expert services, from LiDAR to aerial data analysis, ensure precise planning and execution, aligning with the future's demands for sustainability and efficiency.

Accelerating Energy Ventures

We equip energy projects with the speed and accuracy needed to thrive in a competitive market, streamlining site assessments and project planning with our advanced tools. This gives our clients a crucial advantage, enabling faster development and market readiness.

Building Tomorrow's Energy

LETEL's precision in infrastructure development guarantees efficiency, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. Our comprehensive mapping and surveying lay the groundwork for successful energy projects, from new constructions to renewable energy explorations.

Helping Sustainability Soar

Emphasizing sustainability, LETEL helps shape energy projects that minimize environmental impact, reduce carbon footprints, and harness renewable resources. Our services support the energy sector in contributing to a balanced ecological future and a resilient energy landscape.

Our Trusted Partners

“Letel is professional, fast, and reasonable. They help me to quantify acres with accuracy and get the deliverables sent back to me quickly.” There was a time that I sent over only what I had as information for Letel, which was just a picture from my phone through a text message. Still, John was able to quantify and provide accurate data for me.”

Lance Adams

President, Adams Land Clearing

“Letel helped make a job move along a lot faster for our customer’s projects. They provided us with the Planimetric Map, in just 48 hours. By having that, our customers were able to visualize the new striping layout of the parking lot. This allowed time for our customer to make changes and final decisions to fit their needs.”

Brad Cruse

Operations Manager, RP Paving Solutions

“The quality work that Letel brings, and the performance of their services are unparalleled to any other sub-contractor we have ever utilized before.”

Aaron McCullough

RLS, Vice President of HRC

“ I would rate Letel with an A+ because of the timely and efficient services they provide for us. We’ve had a great partnership with Letel since 2019 and we look forward to many more years working together.”

Aaron Studdard

RLS, Director of Survey at HRC


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