What Makes Letel Metrics LLC’s GPS Models Different?

What Makes Letel’s GPS Models Different? On today’s construction site, GPS machine control is a big deal. But often there’s…

What Makes Letel’s GPS Models Different?

On today’s construction site, GPS machine control is a big deal. But often there’s a disconnect between the machines’ GPS system and what the guys in the field want to do. Has anyone asked the people running the equipment what system they would like? Leave that to LETELmetrics, LLC. We build GPS models people can actually use!

GPS Modeling is a Game Changer

Effective GPS Modeling can cut work times down and save your company money. The use of GPS systems inside construction machines has completely transformed the industry and the worksite. But there’s a disconnect between manufacturer, supplier, and end user. The manufacturers have the greatest minds in technology working for them, inventing complex and advanced computer systems to put into all kinds of construction equipment. The suppliers are impressed by these complex new machines and sell up these benefits to the buyer, the company who gives them to the end user…their employee on the ground. The problem is that the employee in the dirt would much rather have a complex machine that’s simple to use, one that understands all the intricacies of a construction worksite and knows how to whittle them down and automate them.

LETELmetrics is a Different Kind of Company, Backed by a Different Kind of Experience

We know the reality of the field is automation-driven. LETELmetrics LLC is founded by guys who know the work site, people who know how workers think because they were part of that crew just a few years ago. Our team at LETELmetrics knows there’s a lot going on at a work site and the last thing these guys want to worry about is a complex machine system. That’s why our terrain and elevation models work easily for all types of project planning, from hydrological modeling and surface and volume calculations to the construction of landscapes and roads.

We start by using the best commercial drones with the most advanced cameras to create precise, accurate models. We can create aerial photographs faster and with a considerably higher spatial and temporal resolution this way. Our experts analyze the data to produce two and three-dimensional terrain or elevation models. And these models are created by a company who knows what it’s like to have to use them…on the ground and in the dirt.

Letel’s GPS Models are superior to anyone else on the market. Go ahead and find out today how Letel can help your business be more efficient, more accurate, and more successful. Contact us today and let our drone applications of all kind work for your company.


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