“The Old-school Mentality of Relationships”: LETELmetrics Brings Field Support to Technology.

Pulling string. Putting paint on the ground. Checking your work with a ruler…Those days are long gone. There are now…

Pulling string. Putting paint on the ground. Checking your work with a ruler…Those days are long gone. There are now dozens of different programs that do everything for you on a construction site. And these programs are created by companies run by smart people with big titles. One thing LETELmetrics, LLC does exceptionally well is to design programs for the guys in the office (who maybe came up from the field), helping them get the programs they need and showing them how to use the software. All of what LETELmetrics does is concentrated on what will make your business run more smoothly for the actual people on the ground and in the office.LETELmetrics is smart people with big titles whose comfort level is always in the field.

A Hands ON Approach with Your Company

Last week, LETELmetrics’ John Downing dropped by to visit Danny McElwaney from AM Construction to give a training session on the new program developed for them. LETELmetrics’ John Downing brings a hands-on touch to LETELmetrics and their relationship with companies like Danny’s. John consults with the companies, looks at their models, looks at their drones, the imagery, the topo…everything. He instructs them on what kind of files to ask for from surveyors and which programs to download.

It makes a big difference. McElwaney explains, “Letel is doing it with the old-school mentality of relationships, that’s what construction was built on. The people at these tech companies don’t know how to talk to the guys in the office and on the ground. We are the bridge. We help translate to the office guys….John making it make sense to an office guy is different from it making sense to an engineer or programmer.”

Ready for a Better Way?

If you’re in the construction business and you’re ready to work with a machine programmer who understands where you’re coming from and how to communicate with your employees, check out LETELmetrics and see what they can do for you today!

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