The missing puzzle piece: LETELmetrics plans your professional business solutions

LETELmetrics, LLC has gained a well-earned reputation as the place to go for professional drone solutions for your business. Now,…

LETELmetrics, LLC has gained a well-earned reputation as the place to go for professional drone solutions for your business. Now, after years of hard work and the future coming into clearer view, LETEL has its sights set on going beyond drones. LETELmetrics is going to be the place to go for professional business solutions. Period.

The Experience Necessary

The goal to offer more than just drone capabilities and move into more of a “business solutions” space came into focus for owner John Downing as he’s traveled the country and interacted with all sorts of clients, suppliers, tech companies, inventors, and engineers. John has continued picking up on the overall needs in the field and on the ground and his background as an operator has continued to give him an “in” — an understanding of day-to-day operations on construction and inspection sites. This has pushed LETELmetrics’ drone systems and data collection in creative and practical ways. The way the data is relayed to the client, and the way John relates to them, is what has always set LETELmetrics apart.

Thinking Long-Term

“People want more responsibility, without an understanding of long-term commitment,” John says. “You have to be in it for the long-term.” Lately, John has thought about LETEL as a finished puzzle made up of all the small, everyday details that go into running a business. These everyday tasks — these puzzle pieces — don’t seem like much on their own but add up to a vital part of the larger picture. “It’s a double-edged sword,” John says. “Day-to-day things are minor in the long run…but they’re also important pieces to the whole in the long run. You can’t build a successful company without accumulating all those day-to-day pieces.”

What does it take to complete the puzzle?

Adding all those pieces up requires several character traits that not everyone has. John and his team have a commitment to LETEL and its success (and the success of their clients) that takes sacrifice and attention to detail. It’s those two things, John believes, that will be the key to LETELs future. As LETEL continues to grow beyond just drone services to a professional business solution provider, it’s going to be the attention to detail, to those little puzzle pieces and the sacrifice that requires that will make all the difference.

Learn more about LETELmetrics now and, better yet, schedule time to speak with John and find out personally what kind of amazing picture your puzzle pieces will complete.

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