Spotlight on Nick King, LETEL’s newest Assistant Drone Pilot & Visual Observer

Welcome to the fam, Nick King! LETELmetrics is happy to announce Nick King as our newest employee. Nick and Dakota…

Welcome to the fam, Nick King!

LETELmetrics is happy to announce Nick King as our newest employee. Nick and Dakota are longtime friends and he previously worked at Magnum Contracting before his time here. Nick went to Southern Crescent and studied computer programming and has always been interested in electronics and drones, how they fly, and what they’re capable of. 

Because of these interests, Nick lobbied hard to get a shot to join the LETEL team. “When I heard what LETEL was doing I asked for a year to work with them.” Now Nick is at LETEL as an Observer, which involves processing the pics and data taken by the drones. Next up he’ll be going out of town to fly for LETEL, providing companies with professional business solutions in the energy and engineering sector including solar and wind. Nick is also a fast learner. He got his drone pilot’s license within one month! Jeez, we told him he could take 6 months to do it.

Nick’s happy to be at LETEL and hopes to make a long career out of it. “The vibe around the office is what makes the job so much fun. It’s [full of] the funniest, nicest, coolest people you can be around. If one of us has an issue we all sit down and figure out what the problem is. Even out at just a [standard] drone flying it’s a great environment to be around. John’s not the boss looking to make himself money. He wants his employees to make it and wants to know how they’re doing.” 

And, of course, Nick wouldn’t be a new LETELmetrics employee if he wasn’t obsessed with shoes–another sneakerhead joins the ranks. That officially makes Jeff the odd man out for being a baseball card collector instead.

Welcome to the party, Nick! It’s a great time to come on board at LETELmetrics.


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