On the Road with LETELmetrics: A play-by-play with Reese Kinney

6 jobs, 3 days X 2…Road Trippin with LETELmetrics! Reese Kinney loves to travel. And that’s a good thing too…

6 jobs, 3 days X 2…Road Trippin with LETELmetrics!

Reese Kinney loves to travel. And that’s a good thing too because his job with LETELmetrics is taking him all over the country. Reese just went to Ohio and Kentucky for six days of drone-flying jobs that had him seeing the sites of the Midwest and taking LETELmetric’s drone

Taking LETELmetrics drones on the road is always an interesting proposition since the RTK (real-time kinetics) network in Georgia has to be adjusted to the different Kentucky RTK via the Kentucky Department of Transit. Bet you didn’t know each state has its own drone-flight network!

When mapping a site, LETEL often uses a Sensefly geobase that collects data and becomes its own base station. It’s one of the ways LETEL gets such accuracy. This particular time, Reese was able to access the Kentucky RTK network, which is faster. 

Before flying, Reese paints ground control triangles around the job that are visible from the drone imagery and measures their geolocation with handheld Topcon GPS systems. This ground control serves as a second reference check to the geolocation accuracy of the drone imagery. LETELmetrics drones already provide centimeter-level accuracy but they use ground GPS systems to ensure the drone accuracy by checking the drone reading against the GPS readings. Next, Reese flies a pre-programmed flight path with eMotion 3 software that creates waypoints in the air for the drone to fly. Every photo has 70% overlap onto the next photo to ensure coverage. Reese can also control the drone from this computer. Once the flying is done, Reese uses Pix4D Mapper to process the imagery into a topographical orthomosaic and then ensures the data is good before sending the results to John. 

Got all that?

Riding the drone “waypoints”. 

Reese is originally from Albany, GA. He got into drones through agriculture. began the path to this career in agriculture and throughout college would fly for free to get farmers to see the benefit of aerial imagery in their crop production. 

Reese began working with LETEL almost a year ago as Agriculture Solution Specialist just as the storms of Hurricane Michael came through and devastated the pecan crop of south Georgia. LETELmetrics flew and mapped the pecan tree loss so the farmers could report it. Eventually, Reese and LETEL found themselves focusing mainly on construction. Now his job title is Chief SUAS Pilot/ Field Operations Manager.

Faster than midwest rain!

After his Kentucky adventure, Reese also went to both Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, meeting with businesses to show them what LETEL does and what makes them different. Reese was having an amazing time in Columbus (“great people, great food, really cool place”) when he saw the perfect weather he was enjoying wouldn’t last long. He decided to get a jump on all of the sites he was mapping, starting farthest away and working his way back toward Columbus. The wind was picking up…the rain on its way…but LETELmetrics’ drones handled the high winds well. Reese got it all done, processing the imagery (which is what takes the most time) as soon as he got back to his hotel, processing all six jobs through the night, and sending them to John the next morning…just as the rain came.

That’s the way things are handled at LETEL. Whatever’s needed, the team jumps to action and gets everything done with accuracy and high-level skills. It’s what’s given LETEL the reputation it has and enabled them to make these road trips, meet these companies and people, and the work just keeps flowing. 

Keep watching as LETELmetrics grows into THE place for professional business solutions at www.LETELmetrics.com and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to join in our next road trip!

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