LETELmetrics Uses LIDAR to Dominate in Engineering.

LETELmetrics is launching to the top of the engineering sector in North Georgia thanks largely in part to their use…

LETELmetrics is launching to the top of the engineering sector in North Georgia thanks largely in part to their use of LIDAR technology. LETELmetrics uses this technology to provide the most accurate and advanced data for mapping your projects.

So what exactly is LIDAR?

LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a 3D-mapping technology that is used for everything from self-driving cars to robots to construction and deforestation. LIDAR operates in a way similar to sonar or radar. Basically, LETELmetrics sets up points where LIDAR takes millions of measurements in all directions simultaneously and then creates a map from that data. The equipment used looks like a whirling helmet. You’ve probably seen them on top of cars or robots. LIDAR spins around, shooting invisible lasers in all directions. The LIDAR catches the reflections and measures how long the laser beams take to return so it can figure out what obstacles are nearby. These lasers can penetrate dense canopies and brush, making super-accurate Point Clouds (millions of elevation data points) that represent all the characteristics of a surface terrain. Put another way, Point Clouds are the 3D array of LIDAR measurements related to specific GPS coordinates.

LETELmetrics uses LIDAR to draw detailed aerial maps and Point Clouds, gathering tons of data points stretching as far as 200 feet away in all directions, and with accuracy down to the centimeter. For LETELmetrics, the collection of precise aerial photographs that match the scale of a map (orthophotos) and 3D elevation data via drones means surveying projects can be done in hours instead of the weeks it used to take human surveyors to collect data points. This means better efficiency and accuracy of your projects!

LETELmetrics is uniquely equipped to be the place you go to make this happen for YOUR engineering project.  

Additional sourcing: CivilGEO.com 

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