LETELmetrics Summer 2020 Update

Summer 2020 is flying by for LETELmetrics as we stay busier than ever. Our one regret is that the Team…

Summer 2020 is flying by for LETELmetrics as we stay busier than ever. Our one regret is that the Team has been too busy to stay in touch as often as they would like. With that in mind, here’s an update on everything we have been up to! 

  • LETELmetrics’ engineering team has been working on Lot Fits and LDP’s for several national home builders.

  • Our drones have been flying all over the United States providing topography and solar panel inspections.  Most recently we have been to Utah, Idaho, and North Carolina.  Also, we have continued our progress monitoring for residential construction in almost all the northeast and Midwest states.

    We are helping several new companies with model building, all from word of mouth!

  • Our Lidar projects have exploded in the last few months.  We provided more Lidar this past month than we have done all year.
    We have realized the potential of lidar and the opportunity it has given us to grow deeper into our market. While photogrammetry has given us the advantage of measuring and monitoring dirt quantities on existing projects, lidar has given us the ability to be part of the project from the start. We are able to use lidar on new or prospective projects before any land has been disturbed to determine the existing topography of the ground and therefore give an accurate estimate of the volume of dirt to be moved in order to complete the project. The benefit of this for our customers is an accurate idea of the cost and profits of their venture before they become vested. Many times, GIS topography maps are misleading and reveal unexpected costs once the project is underway – lidar solves this problem. Lidar has also helped with our entry to other fields, most recently we mapped a 400-acre granite quarry with lidar. Before the mining process begins, our customers needed an accurate idea of the quantity of granite to be mined. Our lidar map provided geologists with the needed information to assess the size and depth of the granite which will soon be quarried. 

Having all these capabilities tied together is proving that we have the turnkey solution for success — not just for us but for our customers.





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