LETELmetrics partners with Strack, Inc, others, to build new beach volleyball court for LaGrange College.

LETELmetrics is excited to work with a fantastic group of contractors to make the project a reality.  Beach volleyball has…

LETELmetrics is excited to work with a fantastic group of contractors to make the project a reality. 

Beach volleyball has made one of the fastest transitions in NCAA history, from an emerging sport to a championship sport in just a few short years. It’s the fastest growing sport in Division 1, up 150% in the last five years!

“It gives women an incredible competitive opportunity,” said Jennifer Claybrook, LaGrange College’s Athletic Director, “and it will also complement our 17 other NCAA sports. Our head coach, Madison Machurek is leading the way in indoor and beach and her graduate assistant, Bijonae Jones is also helping.” 

Strack Inc., a respected contracting firm out of Fairburn, GA is providing their services at cost and have agreed to complete the work in time for the Panthers’ first home game slated for March 6.

LaGrange College board member Scott Malone said finding a contractor for the project was a challenge. “They had a lot of different bids on the project. It was just way out of the realm of expectations of what we thought it would cost to do this project. As I looked at it I said ‘This seems like a grading project to me not necessarily a construction project and obviously the Stracks have been very fantastic.”

“You get what you give in life,” said Johnathan Strack, President of Strack, Inc. “You do good, you get good. That’s just part of who we are. We run the business as a family. We hope to be establishing a new relationship here.”

Other vendors and subcontractors who are donating all or a portion of the work for the project include: 

  • Concrete Supply Co.
  • Adams Clearing
  • Georgia Erosion Solutions
  • Wright’s Hydroseeding
  • Harris Gray Engineering
  • LETELmetrics 

Dan McAlexander, President of LaGrange College, spoke at the groundbreaking over the holidays, wearing a tie adorned with Christmas presents. “I have to say I wore this tie purposefully because today is really about getting gifts for the college. I went out and looked for one with beach volleyball courts on them and couldn’t find one but, indeed, this is the appropriate time of the year to be starting this and doing the groundbreaking because this is indeed a huge gift that you are giving the college here at Christmas time.”

LETELmetrics said, “Great contractor, great subcontractors, great college.  Exciting times for everyone. Thank you for the opportunity to help!” 

The first LaGrange College Beach Volleyball home game is March 6, 2020. 

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