LETELmetrics Charges Boldly Into the New Future with Engineering

Company Offering a Faster, Better Way of Doing Things for Its Expanding Clientele  Duane Hagerman is excited to be with…

Company Offering a Faster, Better Way of Doing Things for Its Expanding Clientele 

Duane Hagerman is excited to be with LETELmetrics and it shows. A professional engineer,  licensed in Georgia and Alabama, Duane has already done for LETELmetrics in two weeks what it usually takes months to pull off…signing up dependable clients. Since Duane’s started LETEL’s got new clients like SR Homes,  Starlight Homes, Fischer Homes… If you’re thinking, ”wait, I thought this was about drones,” that’s exactly the point. It’s the start of a whole new era at LETELmetrics. 

LETELmetrics is now offering full-service engineering. That’s bottom to top, from land disturbance permits, preliminary engineering, lot fits, conceptual layouts….all of it. The company has made a name for itself with its GPS models and various professional solutions it’s been providing companies. Now it’s time to take things to the next level. 

“Full-service engineering, that’s the new direction for the company,” Director of Operations, John Downing, explains. You can tell how stoked John is to be heading into this space with the LETELmetrics team. But…what about the drones?

Drones Are Still an Important Piece..but just ONE Piece…of LETELmetrics’s puzzle 

Duane designs off of the surveys the drones spot. John explains that LETELmetrics’ emphasis (and massive investment) in drone technology is supplementing what they can do as engineers. “We’re getting lidar which can still give accurate ground topo elevation in heavily forested areas: a more accurate design with more accurate data. Lidar is not something everyone has. We’ll be one of the first in the area to employ that technology in addition to the photogrammetry we’re known for.”

Duane is getting a chance to be on the ground level of a whole new venture, and you can tell he’s pumped too. “Engineering is the driver for everything we do now,” he says. “We plan on consulting and offering builder services also….so from when you buy land to when people are living there, LETELmetrics will be able to offer a solution for every step along the way.”

“No other company can do engineering, lidar surveys, and consult with the boots on the ground like LETELmetrics,” John continues. “We get it right before it’s even a project. We can get it right on the front end and it’s easier for the builders and the guys on the job.” 

The team at LETELmetrics recognizes that anybody can do a design or pull a permit, but what makes them special is their goal to do it faster and better…more accurate from the getgo with the home builder in mind. “With our unique GPS models, we’re taking the location of the building into consideration on the front end so it’s not a problem later,” explains Duane. “With John’s ability to do the topos, we hope there won’t be any surprises during construction because we’ve taken care of it on the front end.” 

Plenty of Miles to Go…You Should Come Along!

So, that’s the big news we’ve been teasing all summer: LETELmetrics is now a licensed engineering company, offering full professional engineering services in Alabama and Georgia. We’re looking to expand into Kentucky, Ohio, Texas, and Indiana as well. 

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