LETELmetrics adds Solar Mapping to their growing list of expertise

Thermal imaging hardware, software, and drone technology have vastly improved over the past few years and LETELmetrics is staying right…

Thermal imaging hardware, software, and drone technology have vastly improved over the past few years and LETELmetrics is staying right on top of the trends. LETELmetrics has now moved into the solar mapping space, gathering thermal data to assess the efficacy of solar energy panels. 

Currently (no pun intended), the standard practice for testing of solar power has been manual electric testing. This has been outpaced by the efficiency and accuracy of drone testing. Now, NOT using drones and sticking to manual testing means slower system builds, delays in identifying potential equipment and construction problems, and delayed repairs to faulty panels and other components. 

Solar domination

Solar energy use in the U.S. continues to skyrocket. The Solar Energy Industries Association(SEIA) reports that solar use has grown 50% in the last decade. It’s expected to double over the next five years. By 2023, more than 14 gigawatts of solar energy will be installed annually bringing the expected total to 240 gigawatts by 2030. 

Manual electrical testing has been the de facto method for inspecting solar energy systems for years now. The energy is tested by seeing which panels reach the minimum irradiance level and watt per square meter. This type of testing must be done by trained technicians only during ideal weather and environmental conditions such as clear days with little to no wind. This method takes hours or days for even a small site. 

Drone thermal imaging for solar panel inspections (also known as aerial thermography) is increasingly being seen as a speedy and technically accurate way to gather this data. Drone thermal imaging can inspect hundreds of acres in a single day. 

LETELmetrics is ready to get to work in the solar energy field

LETELmetrics is stepping up to meet the demand for solar energy inspections with our professional drone services. We’re bringing the same deep understanding we’ve brought to the engineering space to work with thermography, flight operations, and other factors inherent to drone-based solar inspections. This enables companies and energy stakeholders to be more efficient and successful. 

Find out more about LETELmetrics and what all we can bring to the table to help your company reach its goals. Stay tuned right here for more on drone thermal imaging and solar panel inspections. 


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