LETELmetrics Adds Acclaimed Photographer to the Team

LETELmetrics has been adding top-notch talent to its team over the past several months. Now, celebrated Atlanta photographer Jeff Hagerman has joined the crew, working as a remote pilot and handling the aerial shots taken by LETELmetrics’ drones.

Jeff Hagerman is known for his amazing photographs of urban and abandoned spaces. He’s published two bestselling books and has been profiled in magazines like Creative Loafing and had his work featured all over the world in places like The Daily Mirror, The Sun, and more. Jeff most recently worked in a totally different capacity at Coke, but now he’s taking his drone-flying and photography experience and filling in another puzzle piece for LETELmetrics. He’ll be flying the drones at the job sites along with Reese and Dakota, and then reading and using that data to improve every aspect of the job.

Jeff reports that he’s “…excited to be doing something that’s more along the lines of what I like to do and also learning something new. Definitely excited about that. I like to travel and this gives me the opportunity to get on the road.” 

Jeff is having a blast getting to know the team at LETELmetrics. We’re excited to watch Jeff prosper as another vital piece to the LETELmetrics puzzle. Check out his awesome work now. You’ll be an instant fan. Welcome, Jeff! 

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