Are you missing out on what commercial drones can do for your small business? Take your eyes to the skies with Letel Metrics!

You already know that drones mean big business. You can turn on the news at any time and see many…

You already know that drones mean big business. You can turn on the news at any time and see many of the ways Amazon, Verizon, and other company giants are utilizing commercial drones. 9-out-of-10 companies surveyed by Skyward reported drones “help their company capture more information, be more efficient, and save time” and about half reported their company would lose money if they did not use commercial drones. 

But the big guys shouldn’t get to have all the fun. If you’re not applying drones to enhance your small business, you’re really missing out. Commercial drones can now handle more than you thought and Letel Metrics is the #1 local Atlanta commercial drone company that can help your business with all your drone application needs.

Started with a Shovel Now We’re Here!

Letel Metrics has created commercial drone applications that can enhance almost any type of job. John Downing, Operations Manager of Letel, has a background in large-scale construction projects. This history of working on the site has given him and his team the extensive knowledge that can only come from field experience. These guys know what they’re doing on a job site…and it allows them to build out drone applications from an operator’s perspective as well as an engineer’s.

Let’s Talk Commercial Drone Applications!

Letel Metrics can help you in more ways than you probably have imagined. And if you can think of a way they can’t help you, then they’ll come up with a solution for that too! The company has done the most with surveys, heat maps, power lines, construction but is also equipped to help with agriculture, thermal imaging, film,  topographical surveys, GPS model building and more

Letel can create

  • Aerial photographs to rescue missing persons during natural disasters and fires as well as analyze damage.
  • Efficient, low-risk inspections for energy systems and structures
  • Monitoring large terrain for a new perspective on your projects, their progress, and the environments they’re in
  • Mapping with high spatial and temporal resolution
  • Forensics, fire detection, first-responder services, and other public safety purposes
  • Real-estate marketing and advanced aerial filming and photography
  • GPS Machine Control Modeling. designed specifically for your needs
  • Job site GPS Localization

Learn about everything Letel can do for you now plus check out some awesome aerial drone footage of Letel on the job. Maybe even meet Fritz the dog by following Letel Metrics on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Get with Letel Metrics and start taking your business to the skies!

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