At LETELmetrics, Hard Work is the Family Style

Hard Work is the Family Style at LETELmetrics As if things around the office weren’t interesting enough, John’s son Dakota…

Hard Work is the Family Style at LETELmetrics

As if things around the office weren’t interesting enough, John’s son Dakota Austin has taken the opportunity to work with LETELmetrics. At 19, the former Hampton High School football player has already spent a year and 2 summers working in the field with Magnum Contracting. Now he’s joined team LETELmetrics, helping build the models the company has become known for. 

Looking towards his future, Dakota likes the smaller-company vibe of working at a place like LETELmetrics. “It’s cool to be here right on the ground level while growing and building,” he explains. “We just hired an engineer, which is crazy.” (More about him at a later date)

Working on the day-to-day details

Dakota builds 50 to 60 percent of the models, focusing on the necessary details before John finishes up as the brains of the operation. The tedious, time-consuming stuff– that’s what Dakota gets to focus on while he pays his dues. It’s all good though, because Dakota likes to let things happen as they come, whether it be more work, weekend plans, or getting the office Waffle House order. 

John is, of course, very proud of him, but it’s also what he expects. This isn’t a free ride born from nepotism. “He’s come a long way in a short period of time,” he says. “I’m excited to have him at LETEL….and I’m harder on him than anyone. Because he’s my son I assume he’s going to work as much as me.”

LETELmetrics might be even more of a family team before you know it: John’s other son is working his 2nd summer with a shovel in a ditch…

There’s so much more coming around the corner for LETELmetrics. Keep following on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter as we conquer the world of Professional Business Services. 

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  1. James Norden

    Congratulations, Dakota. I would like to say that I am very proud of John, impresses with what he’s doing and what he has accomplished!

    Dakota, you have a great role model!


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